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update: 2017-06-30


Picture book "Bokuno ichinichi donnna oto?"

Maiko illustrated the stroy written by Yosuke Yamashita, jazz pianist. The story is full of onomatopoeia words created by him.

"Bokuno ichinichi donnna oto?"
Story: Yosuke Yamashita / Illustration: Maiko Muro
Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc.
Publish date: 10th June 2016
ISBN code: 978-4-8340-8263-0
Price: 1400 yen + tax

Picture book "Shimashimatribol no fushigi na mi"

A picture book realized as "Taller la cochera", an art unit by 2 artists which Maiko participated before. Made with cray art, an original story with unique characters and colorful scenes.
Simony, a patissier sheep, was travelling for a long time. He finally arrived at a small village and there found a strange tree called "Shimashima tribol"...

More information about Taller la cochera, here.

"Shimashimatribol no fushigi na mi"
author: Taller la cochera
Publishers: Sony Magazines
Publish date: 9 Sep 2006
Price: 1500 yen + tax
*This book is out of print now.