Solo show at Gallery Nii Tokyo, 2023.
Illustration, Painting, Fine Arts
Illustration and story for ENEOS GLOBE Calendar 2022
Illustration, Coloring, Collage
= Ceramic Collage =
Mixed Media, Paintings, Ceramics
= Paintings =
Paintings, drawings, collage
= Sculptures =
Sculptures, Ceramics, Mixed Media
= Animations =
collage on vintage golden paper
Collage, Painting, Illustration
Art works for TOYOBO Calendar 2015
TOYOBO Calendar 2015
Illustration, Collage, Fine Arts
a big tree with sun rise
Fine Arts, Painting, Illustration
Illustrations for the special stage opening animation
Illustration, Animation, Collage
a moment - public art パブリックアート
Fine Arts, Painting, Architecture
Art works for Hotel Grand Vert Gizan collection
Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpting
danza en la playa
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
Bird cage series 鳥籠シリーズ
Fine Arts, Sculpting, Crafts
Birds - Paintings on amate paper
A series of birds paintings. Colofrul birds painted with acrylic and ink on Mexican handmade Amate papers.
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
"el tiempo", ceramic collage art work.
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
Nos vemos en el sueño
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
A golden tree & a silver tree
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
Illustration, Painting
mountains series 山シリーズ
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
The Blue Sun - ceramic collage art work
Illustration, Fine Arts, Painting
Forest of the mushrooms II
Illustration, Painting, Fine Arts
Ceramic sheeps - The First Dream - 陶の羊
Sculpting, Fine Arts, Coloring
Scenography of a story telling concert
Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Set Design
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